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philosophy of love

30 января´08 16:19 Просмотров: 196 Комментариев: 0
one wizard once upon a time
with self-assurance told
if u love someone – let it go
if it returns – it’s gold

but if it never backs to you
it means for sure that it
has never been made up for u
and don’t seek it with greed

but wizard didn’t find the words
which could explain the fact
how to do act towards the one
to whom u’r not attracted

the one who’s living in your house
the one who’s watching your TV
the one who’s damaging your blouse
and constantly devours your meal

the one who’s using your cellphone
the one who’s capturing your modem
and one who has not even clue
that u’ve favoured it with its freedom

but explanation is quite simple
it could mean ONLY this:
you either married it one day
or gave it birth indeed!

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