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all those liquids in my eyes....вердикт

22 декабря´04 9:58 Просмотров: 230 Комментариев: 0
Observe the strategies of war
I know you needed so much more
This is mental, so sentimental
Any way is my way
Anything I cared for you destroyed
Any promise null and void

Can't you take my pain away. Tell me, can you?
Can't we close our eyes forever. Help me, can you?

And now, you wonder why I'm asking you to go

I'd give up anything to make your dreams come true
And if I'd pray, I'd pray for you
I'd leave your world to find a new one
But don't you dare misunderstand!

Hhow can this be a sacrifice
If you did not lose anything?
I know it isn't fair
But have we ever asked for fairness?

Save yourself from the needless harm
An overdose for now?
How can I talk about completeness
If I consist of many pieces?
How can these walls come closer
If there are really none?

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