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Одной быть лутше...

9 марта´08 20:24 Просмотров: 214 Комментариев: 1
Hello dear diary! Guess what I just watched? I wantched one of the best movies ever created "Titanic". I know it is old but I will never get tired of watching it. In this movie they show true love, even though it does not last long. I don't think I will ever meet a person like Jack. He was truly an Angel that was send to save Rose, not once but twice. He gave his life to save her. In our world I don't think males like him exist anymore. The ocean swalowed half of the people on the ship and one of them was Jack. I still have this picture before my eyes... I saw Gods anger before my eyes... Rose met him in the end, and I'm sure they went to Heaven. I hope that I will find a person like Jack, if not then I will live with the hope of finding a person like him. Maybe not in this life and not here, but somewhere... I know he exists...
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Nonna-Svyatnenko    07.06.2008, 16:44
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hi, how are you?