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entry: two

15 марта´08 7:34 Просмотров: 231 Комментариев: 0
hmm so i said id continue writing today.
today was pretty cool. we're finally done with isats. thank god. and no bballl whoo hoo lol

i got home early today.
well the usual time liek when im done wit school liek around three thirty.

then karolina calls and shes all liek heyy i got locked out can i come over and for sure i say yes :]

then when she came over my love nadia texts me and shes all liek privet zaychonok. gde ty propala? kak dela? and im liek ill call u right now.
so i called herr. my time it was liek four and it was liek tvelwe in ukraine. we talked for thirty mins and then i decided to get off.

it made me rly happy. i love talkgn to her. i miss her soo much. and when she told me how everyone from our grade got together and got drunkk.

i was leik aw what the fuckk. i wanna be there too. :[ i hope i can go in the summer cuz if i dont its gonna kill me .

so yeahh.

after that we had a dance at mooselodge. at first i thought it was gay as hell but then it got better and i danced my ass off.

and rite now im talkign to nick.
hmm i might see him tomorrow. im not sure if i want to.

to be continued..
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