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first love:/

15 марта´08 21:33 Просмотров: 252 Комментариев: 0
yeahh i guess its true when ppl say that first love always stays in your heart.

even though i havent talked to my first boyfriend "first love" i did todayy and its been liek three and a half years. it was really awsome. but then i realize how far apart we are its like :'[.

because im in americaa and hes in ukraine.
but hes only visting for about two weeks and then going back to portugal.
life is a very complicated thing.

especially look what it does to people.

it throws them all over the world.

and people suffer.

expiriencing love is very important.
there are some people that life there whole life not knowiing how it feels. and its really sad.

because Love is one of my goals in life that i would like to accomplish.

i mean yeahh i was in love before and i kno it was love. but it doesnt always work out so later in life i wish to find someone that will love me the same as i love them so then we can always be together.
i dont kno if its possible but ill try.

i really wanna go to ukraine.
even tho i have pretty much everythign here in america its different.

there i feel like a complete different person.

like i feel COMPLETEE yeahh thats the word for it.
everything feels so rite and easy.

so this whole love thing.
after i think im over someone.
someone that i had strong feeling for.

but when i talk to them.
i can feel all the feelings come back for the time im with that person and thats when i realize soemone can love foreverr.
and i think i definatly can.
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