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Left alone

4 апреля´08 20:41 Просмотров: 282 Комментариев: 1
I'm printing, leting by tears to be on the keyboard..
I'm left alone... I don't feel anyone nearby...Totally alone in this big world!!!
Trying to be an optimist.. Am I that way in reality? maybe..But not now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't have any forces..I don't have a voice for screaming..But I do want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are just killing me inside...But I'm not strong as I may seem to be!!!!!!!!! I'm very sensitive, you have to know it and accept!
We do not have just to scratch the surface, we have to get into the middle of the things....
It's just disgusting to feel yourself just how I feel at the moment..
They do not mind...
I try to hide that.. Noone can see me real
Lonely...In this room....in this city...In this world...which seems so huge and meaningless to me now....

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Edison  (аноним)  27.06.2008, 17:55
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Well...it happens. Some changes help. Not only outside you. For example, you can help somebody who is in worse situation than you are, and it will make you value what you have. Actuallu I feel this too.. I feel too much criticised...