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6 months in here...Share

14 июня´08 19:51 Просмотров: 437 Комментариев: 2

6 months...I've been living here for 6 months.
They went so fast, but I've done so much...


Couple people hurt me...and I used to be a bitch. Thats really not right.
Yesturday when I was texting with one really good person, at last, I understood everything...
I've done sooo much shit, and I really sorry about everything.
Right now I feel like I'm mature and strong enough to start something new.
I went through alot of pain, tears and everything, and I'm not blaming anyone.
Now I'm starting a new one page in my life. Where I am happy. Where I am ALIVE.


For last 6 months I've noticed who is who.
It became kind of interesting. That people that were telling me that they are my friends...are not friends at all. They have done things that are out of any respect.
I'm not mad at those guys. I just don't want you to be in my life anymore.

But I got couple real friends...
Tiffany, Billy...and my hottest and the favorite one - Chad=). I love you guys with all my heart. Forgive me please, if I was doing something wrong


It's a long sad story...
Now I'm just really sick of all of this shit. I just wanna be myself for a while and see what happens.
I'm so sick of relationships. I can't get over my last one,I'm done with this. I just wanna have fun.
No more guys in for me.
I am not somebodys girlfriend!!!

I forgave everyone who hurt me...And you please forgive me.

Love you.

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Bartozian*sGhost    15.06.2008, 17:21
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ну я не думаю что все выше написанное я перевел абсолютно правильно так что пока воздержусь от коментариев.
Yatsan_    14.06.2008, 23:04
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:01: Молодец, что начала новую жизнь. Это очень и очень правильно. А понятие "дружба" очень сомнительное. Молодец, что разобралась) Я тоже в своих покапала(если честно, то и копаюсь дальше) и много чего поняла. А почему забила на отношения? Просто, нужно относится к ним проще, но не так уж категорично))) :1: