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No, woman, no cry.

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Я не умею прощаться!
Я не умею расставаться!
Я не умею вычеркивать людей из своей жизни, которые давно вычеркнули меня из своей!
Я не умею не любить, когда я люблю.
Я не умею не думать, когда думается.
Я не умею жить без тебя!

No,woman, no cry
No,woman, no cry
No,woman, no cry
No,woman, no cry
Cause I remember when a we used to sit
In a govermant yard in Trenchtown,
Oba- obaserving the 'ypocrites - yeah!!-
Mingle with the good people we meet, yeah!
Good friends we have, oh good friends we have lost
Along the way, yeah!!
In this great future, you can't forgot your past;
So dry your tears, I seh. Yeah!

No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry. Eh, yeah!
A little darling, don't shed no tears:
No woman, no cry! Eh!

Said I remember when we used to sit
In the govermant yard in Trenchtown, yeah!
And then georgie would make the fire lights,
I seh, logwood burning through the nights, yeah!
Then we would cook cornmeal porrige, say,
Of which I'll share with you, yeah!
My feet is my only carriage
And so I'v got to push on through.
Oh, while I'm gone,
Everything's gonna be all right!

So, no, woman, no cry!
No, woman , no cry.
I seh, O little - o little darling, don't shed no teas;
No, woman, no cry, eh!

No, woman -no, woman - no,woman, no cry;
No,woman, no cry.
One more time got to say:
O little 0 little darling, please don't shead no tears;
No, woman, no cry.

Bob Marley
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