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Cowboys drop in order to Broncos 27-3 with regard to winless preseason 03 сентября 2014, 12:33

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Whilst Jerry Jones can be involved in regards to a winless preseason together with his protection within disarray as well as quarterback Tony a2z Romo arriving away back again surgical treatment, he or she additionally remembers their very first 12 months because proprietor from the Dallas Cowboys. It had been suitable how the background training included the actual Colorado Broncos, that obtained 4 rating hard disks through back-up quarterback Brock Osweiler upon Thurs evening inside a 27-3 triumph which clinched Dallas' 5th period within business background with no exhibit triumph.

Jones terminated trainer Ben Landry following he or she purchased the actual Cowboys within 1989, plus they had been unbeaten within the preseason once they confronted Colorado as well as trainer Serta Reeves, that performed for that guy that brought Dallas for that club's very first twenty nine many years. ''He had been warm regarding Trainer Landry and people points that were carried out right here using the Cowboys, '' Jones stated. ''He remaining (John) Elway throughout the entire online game as well as all of us performed in to overtime... therefore all of us did not proceed undefeated. As well as all of us received 1 soccer online game the entire period. A lot for that preseason. ''

The actual Cowboys (0-4) did not help to make the actual playoffs within 3 of the additional 4 winless preseasons as well as want to prevent coordinating the membership report having a 5th directly 12 months associated with lacking the actual postseason.
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Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe, Eugene 23 августа 2014, 20:04

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Scoring change alters history for Jeter, Wagner 23 августа 2014, 11:02

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Turns out, the hit that tied Derek Jeter with Honus Wagner came a day later than everyone thought. Major League Baseball made an official scoring change Tuesday that took away an infield single from Jeter on Aug. 8 and instead charged Cleveland first baseman Carlos Santana with an error on the play.

Originally, that hit pulled Jeter even with Wagner for sixth place on baseball's career list at 3, 430.  Now, it's an infield single the next day against the Indians that moved Jeter up the chart. And it was his double on Aug. 11 in Baltimore that pushed him ahead of Wagner.

Jeter says he has the souvenir ball from that double, thanks to New york Yankees head athletic trainer Steve Donohue. ''So there's no story, '' Jeter said before the Yankees played Houston. ''If it was the last hit I'd ever gotten, it would be a story. ''The star shortstop, who plans to retire after this season, began the night with 3, 435 hits. Tris Speaker is fifth on the career list with 3, 514. The Yankees said it was Cleveland pitcher Trevor Bauer who requested the play be reviewed by MLB. The change saved him two earned runs.
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Yu Darvish not likely in order to message within All-Star online game 28 июня 2014, 07:00

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Tx Rangers _ design Yu Darvish states he'd most likely choose sightseeing more than pitching in the event that he is chosen towards the ING All-Star group for that 3rd consecutive period. Darvish is actually planned to create 3 much more begins prior to the split, such as one which might arrive 2 times prior to  

 the This summer 15 All-Star online game within Mn.

Japan glass pitcher shook their mind '' No'' many times Thurs whenever requested in the event that he would end up being prepared to message a good inning within the All-Star online game in the event that he or she remains upon which routine. Then stated via their translator which he would proceed sightseeing during Mn in the event that about the ING team. All-Star pitchers that start the actual Weekend prior to the display online game could be changed about the roster with a clean equip.

Darvish is actually 7-4 having a two. sixty two PERIOD within fourteen begins this year. He's 118 strikeouts within ninety six 1-3 innings. The actual right-hander did not message within the 2012 All-Star online game as well as had been changed about the ING roster this past year due to damage.
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new divide 14 декабря 2011, 10:38

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Give me reason
To fill this hole
Connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
Across this (с)

приступы человеколюбия для меня - не редкость. просто я патологически позитивный человек, с маниакальными нотками перманентной грусти.
когда меня настигает приступ ч-я - я готова простить и рассказать людям практически всё, что о них думаю (за исключением некоторых особ, и особо интимных чувств). для друзей - это не новость, а вот для людей, которые ушли из моей жизни некоторое время назад - это становиться фактически - открытием.
так вот, в очередной приступ - честно поблагодарила бывшего за всё, что он мне сделал. потому что в другом случае - с другим человеком и другими обстоятельствами, меня такой - как я есть сейчас - может быть и не было бы. как говориться - не было бы счастья, да несчастье помогло. благодаря ему - я знаю, что за словами "я тебя люблю" может скрываться всё, а может - ничего.
да, я благодарна этому человеку за всё. и возможно, когда-то мы будем общаться семьями, а может быть - не будем... это не столь важно.
важно другое - время - не лечит, время немного стирает боль, затупляет ненависть, и позволяет видеть всё в новых чертах, в новых рамках..
all we get what we deserve
а мы, в снутренней кошкой сегодня балуем себя, и лечимся-лечимся-лечимся)))))))) 
Всегда Ваша, М_К, н_В)

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how to build muscles at home 30 апреля 2011, 02:53

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The desire to pump up for men who were dissatisfied with their physical form, occurs more often than you might imagine. But that's just to practice it does not reach the vast majority of cases. A lot of these cases, and the author of this council is no exception. There is a desire, but suddenly something was distracting? Take a break and a desire to spit on. If it is strong enough, and you really want to achieve a specific result, pumped up all the muscles in your body, the desire to return. Often remind myself of that! For me, diligent readers useful tips! Do not be afraid of an enthusiastic tone of my words. Because to get the result you have to sweat, not to laugh, and maybe even in the hearts damn humble author of these lines. What I intend to offer, it might seem (and seems) strange. But I hope that makes sense. You no advice on physical training instructor, but a man for six years engaged in competitive swimming and who knows firsthand how to keep yourself in shape. The proposed exercise will help to pump up muscles, and perform them can and should be at home (fun to offer people to engage in the group if they are not happy with your body). Maximum execution time 1-1,5 hours. Less you do not get, and the rush will not worth it. You did, in fact, want to achieve results?

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It Will Be 25 апреля 2011, 18:36

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Now I can tell you

About the rise and the fall of all the stars in the sky...

Don't it make you smile?.. 


I Сan 



About the place I belong -
You know it won't last long...


Now I can see things for what they really are -
I guess I'm not that far...


I'm at the point of no return - 
Just watch me burn...


Let it will be...
Just let it be

Won't you let it be? -

I Want It - It Will Be

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