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I am 24 сентября 2010, 23:52

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I am what I am, I'll do what I want.
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What aya Want From Me 02 июля 2010, 18:56

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Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me

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First Be A Woman!!! 18 февраля 2010, 12:26

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When you're walking down the street
Show your feminine appeal
Even tho' you're wearing jeans
It's important to be real
You were born to be yourself
So no matter how you feel
If you want to impress the opposite sex
When he takes you for a ride
Let him open you the door
When he asks you for a dance
Let him lead you to the floor
When he kisses you good night
You just leave him wanting more
You can do all you can
Say I am what I am

But first be a woman... oh oh oh oh

When he takes you out to dine
Don't you end up in his bed
Wedding bells will ring in time
Make him dream of you instead
And his passion can be like
All the stories that you've read
He can be Romeo if you act like Juliet
Nowadays it ends too soon
Even tho' it's just begun
You can take him to the moon
He'll leave with the morning sun
So take a lesson from the past
Make him want and make him run...
You can do all you can
Say I am what I am

But first be a woman... oh oh oh oh

You can't be a quarterback
He can't wear a pretty dress
You cannot be Superman
And he's not a shy princess
So why try to be alike
When it's only self defense ?
You've got grace, he's got style
And together you'll rhyme
So remember to be true
To the legend that you are
All the feminine in you
Has worked miracles so far
So head up high and don't be shy
You can reach for any star
You can do all you can...
Say I am what I am

But first be a woman... oh oh oh oh

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lf you want him 27 января 2010, 21:17

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На этот момент есть приблизительно 6470818671 людей в мире.
Некоторые испуганы, некоторые возвращаются домой, некоторые лгут, чтобы прожить день до конца, другие не хотят смотреть правде в глаза.
Добро воюет со злом.
Шесть миллиардов людей, шесть миллиардов душ...
Но иногда… всё, что тебе нужно — всего лишь одна...
Теги: правда, иногда, смотреть, добро, глаза, want, миллиардер
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